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Succulent Cupcakes

Succulent Cupcakes

Succulents are so beautiful, especially when they are fully bloomed!

My first attempt at decorating succulent cupcakes failed, because it looked like green turd. Trust me, it was not a good sight. Crazy part is, I had the guts to make a video of it and post it online and show it to the world! What was I thinking?

My second attempt at decorating them turned out better. What I did differently was that I researched and analyzed succulent images, and then planned out the types I wanted to decorate before attempting it. Live and learn, right? At least this time, the succulents actually look like flowers.

I’ll try a third attempt in the near future. Now that I am better at decorating roses, I’ll have to try more advanced looking succulents (like the Tree Aeonium).



Here are a few images of beautiful succulent flowers located in Parkside, San Francisco.