About SugarCoder

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My name is Miki, and I like to decorate desserts, photography, art, and traveling. I used a digital camera to capture all the images and videos on this website. I also gathered all of the hidden gem locations (in person) to help others discover beautiful hidden gems in the world.

Why I created this website:


  • I was inspired to create SugarCoder after working at a tech company in the San Francisco bay area. “Sugar + Coder” is based on my hobbies. I wanted to document my journey related to baking, technology, art and traveling, so I can remember the things I learned and teach other people as well.
  • The content I create is for people that like baking, food decorating, and art. If you like desserts or food decorating, follow my brand, SugarCoder –> YouTubeInstagramFacebook

Hidden Gems section

  • I created Hidden Gems because I wanted to find hidden gems faster, and not waste time curating travel websites with too much information…..only to come up short of information due to lack of accuracy, lack of consistency, and low quality and irrelevant images.
  • Therefore, I made the Hidden Gems section to help myself and other people navigate hidden gems faster, and provide accurate, consistent information with high quality and relevant images.
  • Hidden Gems is for photographers and travelers.